Senior IT Management Consultant - Matriciel-Consulting

I have been working as an independent consultant for over thirty years, covering program/project management, business process reengineering, IT governance and strategic planning, business architecture/analysis. I specialize in aligning business/IT goals and strategies, strategies and business processes, strategies and operations. I have an industrial Engineer degree. I also have continued my professional development throughout my career. I am currently on my way to get the CMC designation. I have carried out assignments in a wide variety of activity sectors, with the main emphasis on Oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities, engineering, public transportation, banking, insurance, and healthcare. In addition to my consulting roles, I have held several leadership positions in information systems departments and have been teaching for over 10 years as university professor. I present at conferences, facilitate workshops.

Always keeping the big picture in mind, I assess situations quickly and set forth the best recommended solution. I provide clients with strategic plans and road maps, overseeing implementations of sustainable, successful, and repeatable business processes, accelerating business transformation and organizational technology-driven change programs. I recognize and serve the best interest of my clients providing professional advices and/or engagements with independence, objectivity, and uncompromised intellectual integrity. As a strategic business partner, I have a sound understanding of how technology can be used to advance business/IT strategies. My clients, my peers describe me as transformational, innovative, and inspiring.